A Word from the Course Creator

Homeopathy Tutorials is a virtual learning environment for students of Homeopathy. Now you can access your courses from your computer, tablet or smartphone and learn "anytime-anywhere". 

Homeopaths during the time of Hahnemann - Lippe, Boenninghausen and Hering, and so many others were extremely successful consistently, why aren't we? Have we complicated the practice? Is that why we are seeking new Messiahs?

Here are the key features of these courses:

1. Step-by-step guidance to solving cases using classical, proven methodology that was taught and practiced by Masters like Hering, Boenninghausen, Burnett, and Clarke.

2. Learn to decode the workings of New Methods like Periodic Table, Sensation, Kingdoms etc., with a clear analytical approach, based on fundamental principles - NO NEW MANTRAS!

3. Best of all, the courses are absolutely FREE.

Yours sincerely,